Modern Monet's
Cost: $0.00
Location: Child Care Council 2501 Sandersville Rd Ste 120 (Fayette)
Instructor: Eamonn FitzGerald
Start Date: 8/21/2017 6:30:00 PM
Duration: 2
Credit Hours: 2
Categories: Director's , Preschool, Schoolage
Functional Area: 7
Subject Area: 1
Core Content Area:
  • Learning environments & curriculum
Class description: Do you have children that love to draw outside of the lines or prefer experimental art? This course will look at several famous works of art and the creativity that it took to create them. Participants will practice with a wide range of media, from tissue paper to paint, with varying difficulty levels with the foal to encourage and expand children's natural creative abilities. No prior knowledge of modern art or creativity is required, BUT this is a DO class. Meaning we will DO a lot & that is required.
This class is closed.